Matt at fleet week with the Blue Angels (NCCA event in SF)

Larvik, Norway

Future Vette!


Little reminder before heading off to the Local car show.  

This is Paul Reinharts´s original car that he had found after someone totaled it. He pulled it out of "the mothballs" and fixed it back like new , if not better than new.  Car was recently raced at Laguna Seca historical races. 

The original Union Oil company used to pay for their gas. That's where the purple comes from. 

"Corvettes pre-customized and ready to roll"

Please park your corvette indoors when ice storms are inthe forecast!

Living the american dream

Bruces Tires Inc is still around in Oakland. Red used to race on Bruce's recapped tires.

Had a tricky tire size that wasn't gonna work. Oh well thanks bruces tires. Be there with the next vet

The original Bruce's tire truck

-Richard Kong (motorsports manager for formula drift) showed me this engine he's getting ready to fire up!!

( check out

Check out some hot cars @ , "An Automotive Infatuation"

My friend's father in law is the proud owner of a nice blue 2014 stingray

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